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$7.50Weihenstephaner Original

Smooth, malty, refreshing with a spiciness that's exaggerated by the carbonation level. (Beer Advocate 90)

$7.50Weihenstephaner Kristall

Crystal clear wheat malt with light hints of clove. (Beer Advocate 90)

$7.50Weihenstephaner Hefeweisse

Medium banana bread sweetness with light caramel on the swallow. (Beer Advocate 95)

$8.50Weihenstephaner Korbinian

The start of a perfect dark beer, fruity hints of plum & fig. Aroma reminiscent of toffee, nuts & chocolate. (Beer Advocate 93)

$9.50Schneider Weisse Aventinus Doppelbock

Deep & complex bock beer with a creamy head. With strong notes of raisins, & plums meet licorice. (Beer Advocate 96)

$8.50Ayinger Hefeweisse

A quality brauweisse with hints of banana bread, lemon & a touch of sweetness. (Beer Advocate 93)

$8.50Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock

Platinum Medal & Repeated World Beer Champion. Hint of nuts, chocolate & a pinch of spices. (Beer Advocate 97)

$7.50Franziskaner Hefeweisse

Dense Foam & amber-cloudy color. Tastes of clove, faint cinnamon, & banana, with light hops. (Beer Advocate 91)

$14.50Delirium Tremens

Pale blond, well-rounded beer. High in alcohol warming the tongue. Belgian Style with marshmallow, clove & a hint of banana flavors. (Beer Advocate 92)

$6.50Kostritzer Schwarzbier

Despite its dark color, it tastes surprisingly balanced, with chocolate/ caramel aromas & a smooth finish.
(Beer Advocate 88)

$6.50Paulaner Oktoberfest

The perfect "Oktoberfest" style beer. The taste begins with a sweet, malty caramel flavor & finishes off with a well-balanced bitter undertone. (Beer Advocate 87)

$8.50Paulaner Salvator

Lots of fruitiness on the nose with a touch of bitterness & a mild citrus character. (Beer Advocate 88)

$6.50Warsteiner Verum

Light maltiness is replaced in the middle of the drink with a touch of sweetness, spices & cloves. (Beer Advocate 78)

$6.50Warsteiner Dunkel

Toasted brown bread, roasted grain, lightly sweet with hints of dark chocolate & nutty lager yeast. (Beer Advocate 79)

$6.50Bitburger Pilsner

Toasted malt flavor, good hop bitterness. Light bodied & crisp; light citrus peeks through between sips. (Beer Advocate 79)

$6.50Konig Pilsner

Sour yeast and citrus lemon hits the taste straight off. Light malts then lead to a bitter hop finish. (Beer Advocate 84)

$6.50Spaten Premium Lager

A well-balanced lager, this speaks Germany. Hints of honey, bread & biscuits. Smooth start to finish. (Beer Advocate 83)

$6.50Spaten Optimator

Big viscous body with light carbonation. Taste of toasted barley & caramel. Excellent beer with a hoppy finish. (Beer Advocate)

$7.50Julius Hefeweisse Dunkel

Taste of spices and buttery malts with notes of bubblegum, melon & clove (Beer Advocate 86)

$6.50Blanche de Bruxelles

Taste of peppercorns, coriander, orange zest & cracked grain sweetness. The spice flavors add a good dimension. (Beer Advocate 84)


"One of the 1001 beers you must try before you die!" Sweet apple malt & mild spice with very little bitterness. A must try! You'll see why they call this "The Devil". (Beer Advocate 95)

$14.50Westmalle Tripel

The mother of all Tripels. Slight hops with a sweet start but a bitter finish. Coriander undertones with a hint of cinnamon. (Beer Advocate 95)

$14.50Trappistes Rochefort 10

Quite possibly the best beer you will ever drink. Malty sweetness is the backbone, hints of rich dark stone fruits are present with some chocolate bubblegum undertones. (Beer Advocate 100)

$6.50Hofbrau Original

Moderate flavors of grainy malts with just a hint of sweetness. This is the beer from the original Hofbrau Haus in Munich! (Beer Advocate 85)

$6.50Hofbrau Dunkel

An easy drinking dark brew with a light malty flavor & toasty finish. The refreshing dark lager that Munich is known for. (Beer Advocate 85)

$6.50Hacker Pschorr Munich Gold

Has a nice black-pepper hop bite under the thick layer of malty sweetness. A touch of lemon & apple. (Beer Advocate 85)

$8.50Erdinger Pikantus

Nut brown color with a toasted apricot flavor. Plenty of carbonation for a bock beer with undertones of dark dried fruits & jammy figs. (Beer Advocate 87)

$6.50Erdinger Non-Alcoholic

One of the great nonalcoholic beers Germany has to offer. Tones of green apple & melon. (Beer Advocate 68)